Ellen shares how she disciplines her now 5-year-old son Elias, ‘no iPad for 24 hours’

Child discipline is a broad topic for many parents. No one can probably say which parenting approach is best in instilling discipline. Perhaps it’s a case to case basis?

Well, with regards to celebrity Mom Ellen Adarna, she’s one who, apparently, doesn’t resort to physical punishment.

In a series of Q and A from her followers which she earlier shared via her IG stories, among the question asked of her was how she disciplines her child Elias.

The lovely 35-year-old mom, via a TikTok video shared by yowshp, disclosed that she does not turn to physical punishment in order to discipline her son, who, by the way, just turned five last June 27. Rather, she prefers suspending her son from certain privileges.

As example, she narrated that if her son has done something which isn’t pleasing, she would ban Elias from using his iPad for 24 hours. Oh boy, we know how kids enjoy watching and playing on their gadgets nowadays.

More over, this mom shared that in some cases, she would make Elias sleep in a separate room, which the boy seem to loathe as he likes sleeping with his mother.

“It’s either no iPad for 24 hours or worse, is that he will sleep in the other room. Because we still co-sleep, and he likes to sleep beside me. And if he does something really unpleasant, that’s his punishment. He will sleep in the other room,” Ellen shared. Awww, Elias won’t definitely like that.

However, Ellen also disclosed that these ‘sanctions’ as a way to discipline her child had been implemented for only three times as her dear Elias, she added, is generally well-behaved and listens to his Mom. This means that the cute little boy is really not a headache! As such, the celebrity mom found no need to resort to extreme punishments. Wow! What a joy to hear.

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Answering another question, she also shared that John Lloyd Cruz, the father of Elias, gives financial child support.

“Okay, I’m going to answer this because I get this a lot. Yes, he does. When he asked me how much does Elias need, I gave him a breakdown of his basic needs, just his basic needs, and that’s P10k max,” she said.

However, Ellen said that John Lloyd offered double the amount that Elias needs. “But he insisted on doubling it. I know he’s more than capable of giving more than that but I told him I cannot accept anything more than P20k and that’s it.”