Story of young cat who refuses to eat after losing her beloved fur Dad touches hearts online

Image capture of video by I'm Shook via YouTube

Have you lost a beloved pet/s? Then you must know how painful it feels to not be able to hug nor touch your fur baby again, especially those with whom you have been so attached to for so many years; your buddy.

There are countless stories of grief on the internet about fur parents losing their dearly loved dogs and cats. There are many mentions of the so-called ‘Rainbow Bridge’ where it is said that our dear departed pets go to and wait until the time comes when their fur parent rejoins them in the afterlife.

And then there are also stories of fur babies who can’t seem to comprehend that they’ve lost their faithful human and are totally at a loss as to how to continue living each day without their fur parent by their side.

Just like Miau, a young cat, in a video story shared by Meow Meow Facebook page recently.

Apparently, Miau has refused to eat for over a month and has been crying day and night and allows no one to get near her. Why? Because she feels so lost after her fur Dad Sung-Cheol failed to return back home and she hadn’t seen him since then.

Turns out Miau’s fur parent, who was supposed to graduate from university, had lost his life in a road accident aboard his motorcycle when he was on his way home to be with his cat.

Miau refused to eat despite proddings from the family of his owner and reportedly searched every corner of their house for Sung-Cheol. He wouldn’t even let anyone touch the clothes of his fur dad. So heart-wrenching.

Their bond was so strong that Sung-Cheol even took inspiration from Miau in making his art projects for the university assignments.

Surely, it takes some time for Miau to fully accept that his human can’t come back anymore, but Sung-Cheol’s father is determined to stay by her side, especially that he sees his son in Miau. The cat has been a consolation to the father and he wants them both to heal together over the loss of their loved one.

We also hope that Miau has recovered from her grief with the help of Sung-Cheol’s father. Although the pain doesn’t really go away, in time, like most of us, we just hope that Miau will learn to live with it and open up to another fur parent.

I’m Shook shared a video of the young cat’s full story via their YouTube channel:

Click image to watch the video via YT

As per Pet MD‘s article, cats have emotions too, and there can be several emotional or behavioral causes of loss of appetite. As in the case of Miau, losing a beloved family member, whether animal or human, can cause some cats to stop eating due to anxiety or depression.

Like humans, cats mourn too and react to the changes in their life. A lot of patience and love would help a lot in helping them recover from their loss.