‘Give her back to me’: Video of a father’s wedding message to his son-in-law pulls at heartstrings

Do you cry at weddings? 

In a video shared on Facebook by Ann Kriselle entitled “My Dad made me cry at my wedding”, a scene at a wedding has touched millions because of the father of the bride’s message to his son-in-law as he made the act of turning over his beloved daughter to the man of her choice.

The message starts with the father saying “I’m passing my previous daughter to you.”

“I know that you love my daughter a lot so I’m passing it to you to think about. How to love her and take care of her and put her every time at first place in every situation”, to which the groom said, “Okay, I will.”

“And I want to pray for you and my daughter. Your love for her will be everlasting and the Lord is always shining for you and give you happiness and also healthy and put you at the right place at the right time. In everything that you have planned the Lord is always with you, in Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”

He was holding the hand of his daughter and her groom as he conveyed his message and prayer for the couple; very emotional indeed.

He then proceeded to that most touching message of all.

“If one day you have a change of heart that you dont love my daughter anymore, please don’t hurt her. Just bring her back to me and give her back to me,” he said in a broken voice.

“Okay, not gonna happen,” the groom consoles his bride’s father as he himself was becoming emotional over his father-in-law’s message.

“Okay okay, my precious daughter is yours.” And then the Dad thanks his son-in-law; sealing the act with an emotional hug.

Many daughters with a father such as the one in the video would surely relate to this, while others would probably envy the bride for having such a good father who wants to ensure his daughter’s happiness.

Well, it’s no secret that some people cry at weddings; this is one that will surely tug at your heart!

Watch this scene that has drawn millions and millions of views and shared more than 67K times: