Pia’s husband Jeremy shares wedding thoughts, photos, and a funny sunset anecdote

It was only on the first week of May this year that  Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach announced via social media  that she and British entrepreneur Jeremy Jauncey are officially “Mr & Mrs Jauncey 24.03.2023”; attaching a video which shows that it was an extremely serene and intimate wedding.

Yes, the celebrity couple tied the knot on March 24, 2023 at a luxurious resort on the secluded North Island of Seychelles with only three guests in attendance as witnesses.

In a previous interview with Pep Ph, Pia shared that what she really wanted was an intimate, simple wedding.

She said, “I feel like I come to a lot of events like this where you have like a whole team with you. But I want the exact opposite for that day. I want it so simple, so intimate.” She got it!

Two months after, her husband Jeremy shared a touching post as he thanked everyone who greeted and wished them the best for their new life together.

“Love, support and happiness is all we’ve received since we shared our wedding news- so thank you to all the friends, family and people we haven’t met yet that have been so kind 🙏,” Jeremy shared.

“We did things differently, just for us, away from stress so we could relax and be present for the moment. Two months into married life and we’re sure it was the best decision we ever made,” the 38-year-old added.

After their May 5 announcement, both the husband and wife shared snippets and videos of their very special day; earning ‘wows’ and congratulations on the kind of wedding they opted for.

On May 30, Jeremy shared a relaxing-turned-funny video taken from the day after their ceremony wherein they had to hastily rush back home after a huge wave hit the sea; sweeping their stuff away.

“The day after our wedding we went back to the beach we got married on with a speaker, a bottle of champagne and a plan to watch our first sunset as a married couple. We listened to our favourite songs, brainstormed our wedding videos and relaxed as the tide came in and the sun dipped below the horizon……

What we forgot was that this beach @live.north gets cut off from the rest of the island when the tide comes in. A huge wave hit the beach, soaking us, sweeping away our stuff and reminding us we only had a few minutes to get back home or we’d be sleeping with the sand flies and crabs” 😂

Friends and followers admired the couple and their bonding moments; with others expressing envy as well with regards to how they seemingly enjoy and savor each other’s company.

“A girl that can run that fast with a wine glass and not spill a drop of wine is definitely a #keeper.”

Click image to watch the video

“Thank you for sharing this Jeremy… No matter what, its a perfect setting of a wedding & a honeymoon…. Lucky & Happy couple, Praying that you stay together forever… You’re perfect for each other… il watch you ’til i get old…Cheers!”

My ideal wedding, 🥀 just intimate and as genuine as it can be. no bunch of people, no lavished and exaggerated decors. just the two of you whom would cherish the sacredness of the wedding and vows. no other words would describe it perfectly but just true love, genuine hearts and soul as i see this and these two beautiful people.”