Dimples Romana reflects on guiding kids through pain and failure

Actress Dimples Romana shared her reflections on the toughest times parents have to endure — watching their kids go through pain, frustrations, failures, and uncertainties.

“In my 19 years as a mom, I have found out that one of the toughest times as parents is not dealing with the high tuition fees nor is it the things we can provide for our kids as they’re growing up. Because this we can somehow control,” Dimples said in an Instagram post.

“It is the darkest of days when we, as parents, have to watch our kids discover pain, frustrations, failures and uncertainties. That for me is the hardest when you’re a parent. To have to watch your kids cry, feel pain and loss.”

She admitted that as a young mom to her eldest child Callie, she wanted to shield her from all those trials, but she later realized that it is important to allow them to go through those and just be there for them along the way.

“As a young mom then, I was always tempted to sugar coat things for @callieahmee , ‘make it better’ for her, always let her win, do everything to ‘take away’ the tears and the suffering. But then I realized that while that was the easier way for us because then she will not have a ‘hard time’ I was not being the parent I should be,” she said.

She also related it to a teacher who is often silent while her students are taking a test.

“And ‘til we have finished and learned our lesson, that’s the only time He will be felt most present. I imagined the Lord also suffering in silence with me as I make many mistakes along the journey of my life. He is our ultimate parent and just ‘cause we are suffering doesn’t mean He is not there with us.”

Now that she has come to this realization, Dimples said that even at a young age, she wanted to teach her second-born Alonzo that he has to go through painful days in his life.

“They have to go through it, fight through it and that in all times -THEY WILL NEVER BE ALONE. Just like WE ARE NEVER ALONE.”

This is so inspiring, Dimples!