Kris Aquino remembers Mom’s 90th birth anniversary; shares update on her condition

Actress Kris Aquino took to Instagram in remembering her mom, the late former President Corazon Aquino, on her 90th birth anniversary.

In an Instagram video, she shared the message she wrote for her mom, along with an update on her condition.

Kris said the best tribute she can offer her mom is how she raised her sons Josh and Bimby.

“Even those who say they hate my guts, always put a qualifier, SALUDO raw sila sa pagpapalaki ko kay Kuya & Bimb- parehong respectful, affectionate, hindi namimili ng taong kakaibiganin, re Bimb so many adults he has conversed with are amazed that he’s so knowledgeable about so many things. Kuya is so cute & adorable (yes mom i know he’s fat again) is how they describe him,” she said.

“And I always say I had THE BEST ROLE MODEL IN THE WORLD! I’m forever going to be proud to be Cory’s baby, and the mama of Kuya Josh & Bimb.”

She also shared that her mom used to tell her that she will only have a successful relationship if she finds the late president’s male version.

“But with all I’ve been through, I finally see so much of you in me- what I’m trying to say Mom is I’m no longer looking for someone to complete me. Finally realized the TRUTH in what you’d always say to me: ‘Kristina, know your worth.’ Yes MOM I do,” Kris said.

Despite struggling with her four autoimmune conditions and a possible fifth and sixth conditions, Kris said she is hoping to have enough strength to join Josh in at least 5 rides at the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

“I really pray kayanin ko, even just 5 rides so Kuya will have happy memories during this whole ordeal. It’s because of the example you set that even when my deep bone pain is awful or my vascular urticaria is everywhere- I don’t complain- I want Kuya & Bimb to see they are worth all the pain & discomfort because I know they still need me.”

Her health update is on the mid-part of the video she shared. (Click to see the video.)