Iza to loving husband Ben: You are home and, together, we are building a home for our child

Seasoned actress Iza Calzado took time to honor her loving husband, Ben Wintle, on his birthday.

Through an Instagram post, Iza uploaded photos with a heartwarming caption; expressing how grateful she is to have him as her man.

“It is hard to put into words the gratitude, respect, and love I have for you. Now more than ever, you have shown me what true love is—for self and others,” she wrote.

On his birthday, the actress said, she just got reminded how lucky she is to find a man with tons of good qualities.

“Today, I was reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to have found a man like you. One who is patient, kind, forgiving, disciplined, creative, driven, funny, loving and so much more! I am sorry for the times I forgot to see you for the amazing human that you are,” she stated.

Iza also thanked Ben for being someone dependable enough to be a husband and a father, no matter how tough life can be.

“I know that whatever happens, I have someone who will choose to weather the storms with me. Deeply rooted like a tree, strong, and dependable like a rock,” she said. “You are home and, together, we are building a home for our child, our family. Thank you for keeping us safe. There is no one in this world I would be so honored and happy to share this journey with but you.”

A lot of social media users and prominent personalities shared their birthday messages to Ben in the comments section of Iza’s post.

One of the celebrities who commented on the post was Sunshine Dizon, Iza’s good friend and one of her fellow sang’gre’s in the original Encantadia. Andi Smith, husband of another Encantadia sang’gre Diana Zubiri, also greeted Ben.