Sharon Cuneta stuns friends, followers in latest series of photos on IG

A startling series of photos of actress-singer Sharon on social media is drawing the attention of online users, and it’s not just because of her lovely gowns!

On her latest Instagram posts, the Mega Star stunned her friends and followers with her amazing slim transformation as she shared photos of her latest guesting at an event for educators held on October 15.

“Thank you to Gabay Guro Grand Gathering 2022 for having me as a guest again this year. It is always an honor and pleasure for me to sing for you, aming mga minamahal na guro! God bless and keep you safe and healthy always. I love you all! ”

Indeed, Sharon wowed her fans as well as her fellow celebrities as she revealed her slim figure while donning a lovely gown at the special event.

She’s been on her six-year weight loss journey and by the looks of it she’s been slowly but surely reaching her goal. Just looking at her curves, anyone who has been following her career asnd social media presence would agree that she has come a long way.

In November 2021, she shared with Kapamilya’s Push that she was able to go from a size XXL to a size medium. Sharon, who’s now 56,  also shared with her fans that regular exercise did not dramatically change her weight, but rather, it was having a low-carb diet that worked for her!

It was then that she also revealed her love for swimming (again); recalling that she loved swimming when she was a little girl.

Surprisingly, Sharon said she didn’t avoid carbohydrates completely; just that she lessened her intake of carbs. A healthier lifestyle!

“Nasanay na. You have to train your tummy eh. ‘Di ba kasi sabi nila, when you stretch it, it will stay there ‘pag kain ka nang kain. Kapag lumiit na nang konti, madali kang mabubusog. Tsaka sanay kasi ako kasi over the years, since I was in my 20s, sanay ako ginagawa kong kanin ‘yung gulay. Thank God hindi ako mahilig sa kanin.”

She admits taking everything in moderation now. A diet which is low in carbohydrates and high in protein was simply what worked for her.

Comments of admiration poured on her photo posts.

“Napakaganda na nga tapos ang sexy paaaa (emojis) !! how to be u po? roarrrr”

“Timeless beauty talaga! Keep it up Mega, slayyyy!!!”

“Ang seksi mo naman! Diet reveal naman po, Mega!”

“Parang ang payat ni Ma’am Sharon po sa suot niya.”

Some even mentioned that it was like the good ol’ days when she was much much younger.