‘Don’t sleep in your contacts’: Doctor who removed 23 contact lenses from a woman’s eye gives expert advice

contact lenses

Contact lenses have been a thing for a long time now; from users wearing them to be able to see things clearly without wearing those thick eyeglasses, to fashionistas who do not need vision correction but want a different eye color, and many more.

contact lenses

Wearing them, however, is not as easy as most people think as it gives one a huge responsibility to take.

On Instagram, a video posted by California Eye Associates has been getting the attention of thousands of social media users as it shows an ophthalmologist removing not just one or two, but 23 contacts from a patient’s eye!

“A rare occasion in my practice,” Dr. Katerina Kurteeva said in the caption of the video, which already has 3.2 million views, as of writing. “I got to deliver 23 contact lenses yesterday from one patient’s eye in my clinic. 23 CONTACT LENSES REMOVED! This is an opportunity for me to review contact lens wear with the public.”

contact lenses

To stop people from repeating the same mistakes, Kurteeva shared a number of expert advice:

1. Get proper initial fitting and contact lens handling training when first getting them.

2. Always wash your hands before taking them out and placing them in.

3. Dispose of your daily contact lenses before going to bed. Use preservative free artificial tears such as Refresh when handling contact lenses.

4. Use proper contact lens storage solution for extended wear contact lenses.

5. If you wear contact lenses and your eye turns red, see your ophthalmologist or optometrist for an exam to make sure that there is no infection.

contact lenses

As for her patient’s successful contacts removal, the doctor shared, “I had to use very fine surgical instrument a jeweler forceps to separate contact lenses. They were essentially glued together after sitting under the eyelid for a month.”

“Never sleep in your contact lenses,” she stressed.