Julia Barretto denies breakup with Gerald Anderson, ‘I do feel safe in this relationship’

Julia Barretto has denied rumors that she and boyfriend Gerald Anderson have broken up; saying that she feels secure in their relationship.

In news anchor Karen Davila’s vlog, Julia said she did not feel the need to answer rumors that they have parted ways because the issue involved other people.

“I still don’t know what to answer actually. Again, I think I condition my mind na temporary lang ito and I think I was caught in between an issue involving two other people. I felt like ang dapat mag-resolve ng issue was the two other people,” Julia said.

It can be remembered that Gerald was linked to “Unravel” co-star Kylie Padilla, who was alleged to be pregnant with the actor’s child.

Julia, meanwhile, clarified that she and Gerald did not break up.

“Sa news, every month that’s the situation but no. We haven’t broken up and I think that’s a sign that we’re really able to protect our relationship and keep it private,” she said.

Asked how serious their relationship is, Julia said: “Serious. I do feel safe in this relationship. I don’t think I will get into a relationship with somebody na I don’t trust. So I do trust him and he shows me that every day, there’s just no reason for me to doubt.”

She also said that what sets Gerald apart from her previous relationship is the sense of security and calmness that he is able to give her.

“The sense of security, the sense of calm that I have. His kindness has really grounded me and has really motivated me to become a better person. He created such a safe and healthy environment in my life so I feel good,” Julia explained.

As to their plans to settle down, Julia said that it will come at the right time.

“I don’t think that’s up to me. I think that will come at the right time. But I do feel secure in the relationship we have and I’m very happy. I don’t have anything to worry.”

Watch her with Karen: